EB9: We voted on our PAB!

Posted on October 25, 2016

My name is Kathlene and I work for eHealth in the Central Queensland SDU. I'm excited to let you know that today my team and I have officially voted to take action. 

As of right now, the union office sent over 130 PABs to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. Congratulations to all of the members who have lodged protected action ballots! 

We aren’t afraid to stand up for our rights and conditions at work and demand better! Our friends in the QLD Health Building lodged their first ever PAB! They’ve helped put together this video to explain why we’re voting to take protected action. Click here to watch the video.

Watch the video about how to lodge a Protected Action Ballot here

Members who lodged early like my team are starting to receive their ballots in the mail. Today my team and I got together to vote and send off our ballots at lunchtime. It was really easy to vote, here's what we did:

  1. Open it! It comes from the Electoral Commission QLD (ECQ) so don’t expect any Together logos.
  2. Vote YES to all of the questions. This keeps our options voting for when we decide to take action.
  3. Post your ballot paper back to the ECQ ASAP! Remember: you need 50% of members to return their ballot in order to be successful. 

Rocky eHealth completing their ballots

Keep up the hard work you all do! Our delegates will be back next week with some exciting news so stay tuned!

Together, we will hold QH to account and make our lives at work better.

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