We need to take action now

Posted July 26, 2012 by Vivienne Doogan

Yesterday afternoon I met with government representatives again, along with other officials from our union office, the QCU and the AWU. The negotiations did not progress much further than previously. The government have not revised their offer on employment security, wages, increments freeze or stripping out conditions like parental leave and consultation about workplace change - a very pertinent topic at the moment.

Yesterday we had very strong discussions about why an increment freeze is unfair and unnecessary. We went in to detail about the economics of this and the fact that we would be left behind every other state in Australia and all other public sector workers if this was to be brought in.

We have less than a week until the expiry of our current agreement. After that the current agreement continues until it is replaced, but the pressure is on for both sides to try and reach agreement.

We need to take action now.

We have already lodged over 100 protected action ballot applications and some of the ballots are coming out soon. We need hundreds more to be lodged in the coming days. It's really important and a key step in making sure the government know how serious we are about not giving up employment security.

In the current climate we need to make sure that job security and reasonable workloads in the coming months and years are at the heart of our agreement with the government - we need to take action to make this happen.

To download a Protected Action Ballot meeting kit and get your workplace registered for a ballot go here: www.together.org.au/pabs.

We have small schools who have registered right up to large inner city workplaces - join them now and take action to secure your future job security.

If you can't access the internet at work and need a kit posted or emailed to you call us on 1800 177 244.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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