We need to ramp it up

Posted August 1, 2012 by Vivienne Doogan

Yesterday was an important day. Our existing EB agreement expired yesterday, but the government yesterday also took drastic action in response to our increasing industrial campaign.

In an unprecedented and outrageous move yesterday the government handed down a Directive, issued by the Public Service Commissioner, to strip away existing employment security and contracting out clauses from settled collective agreements, including ours.

Today in negotiations, Alex Scott our Secretary, our negotiating team and I all pointed out to the Government representatives that if this is the way the government try to treat existing agreements that are settled then how can we call anything a real agreement?

What's next, recreation leave provisions don't apply? Hours of work provisions don't apply? Where does it end?

No other employer has the ability to change the law when a contract they have made doesn't suit them. Ours shouldn't either - that's what agreement making is all about.

We expect this to change.

This new government is clearly panicking. The move yesterday was rushed and today their media spokespeople have been caught out on several facts.

We have already lodged well over 100 protected action ballots, and more are streaming in each day, with each day's list growing exponentially. We need to keep this up.

The government and the media are counting the ballots lodged - they are watching and we are standing firm - job security needs to be on the table.

The kind of announcements made yesterday and the kind of action taken yesterday need to stop - there cannot be continued job cuts and no employment security for public servants.

The Premier said during the election campaign that he would not support forced redundancies. It's time he stepped up to this promise.

It's time the Premier stepped up and abided by these commitments - that's why we're inviting the Premier to come to negotiations next week to explain what his position and offers really are and what we can rely on and what we can't.

In the meantime - keep the action coming! We need to lodge even more ballots tomorrow than we did today - you can do it here: www.together.org.au/pabs and remember if there is anyone who still needs to join they can do it here: www.together.org.au/join.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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