We need the state government to act on wages.

Posted on June 1, 2018

Today the Fair Work Commission announced an increase to the national private sector minimum wage, equivalent to 3.5% per week.

This is a positive step for those workers but it will only apply to those in the private sector. Today's announcement will not affect the wages of Queensland public servants.

To secure a wage increase for Queensland public servants we need the Queensland government to take action.

The news from the Fair Work Commission is an indication that wages generally need to increase by around 3.5%. The current Queensland government policy for public servants is 2.5%, and that isn't high enough.

We also need to address the inequality that exists in the public sector between lower paid workers who deliver critical services and those on higher salaries.

Queensland's economy will not grow while wage growth remains so low. Respected economists and the head of the Reserve Bank are calling for increased wages growth but increases to private sector award wages won't be enough on their own to boost wages growth.

That is why we need the Queensland government to change their public sector wages policy.

Without wages growth, revenue can't increase and our standards of living in Queensland will continue to stagnate.

The state government should deliver a flat dollar increase to Queensland's lowest paid government workers – some of whom are earning less than $50,000 a year full time even as they serve Queensland’s community in vital roles.

This flat rate increase is necessary to reduce the current inequality in the public sector between low and high wages, as well as to provide a boost to overall wages growth.

If our wages crisis is not addressed now Queensland's economy will suffer, and rural and regional centres will continue to languish. 

You continue to serve Queenslanders every day and you should be proud. We will be in communication again soon about our continuing union campaign to secure a wage increase for public servants in Queensland.

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