We did a lot of explaining this week…

Posted on August 11, 2016

eb9_share.jpgThis Tuesday we met with Queensland Health to continue our negotiations about our wages and conditions.

Many of us are struggling with workloads, needing to see jobs backfilled and wanting to secure our jobs as permanent and we want to see these issues addressed urgently.

This week we steadily worked through the list of issues Together members have raised, including the above and also significant safety concerns, the need for reclassification of roles and also the need for better rostering principles and shift penalties.

We got to the end of our log and explaining it all to Queensland Health but they have yet to give us any real indication of their response to these issues.

Alex (our Union Secretary) will write to the government to put forward that if negotiations have not reached a resolution by the end of the month we want a commitment from government to back-date any pay rise and not disadvantage members due to the lack of clear response from Queensland Health to date. 

In other news however we should note that Queensland Ambulance Officers have reached an “in principle” agreement with Queensland Health on their wages and conditions – they have settled on 2.5% for three years and a wages review during the life of the agreement – presumably about their classification levels.

Importantly for all of us, our fellow Together union members who are Health Practitioners and Dental Officers are also about to start bargaining and they are raising very similar claims as ours about workload, backfilling and job security.

This will certainly allow us to work together as a union group across our HHS’s to pursue these important issues for all of us.

Next week I hope we can report back some stronger positions from Queensland Health on the claims we have raised as members. There are just 20 days to go on our current agreement!

In union,

Ruth McFarlane
Systems Implementation Training & Support Officer
Together Delegate

1800 177 244