WBHHS Allied Health Local Consultative Forum representatives.

Posted on February 14, 2020

A local consultative forum (LCF) has been formed to progress members' issues with management.

The first meeting is next week and there will be a LCF every 2 months. You can see the schedule for 2020 HERE.

We are looking for members to step up and represent HPDO staff.

At the moment, Quaneta Greenwood from Hervey Bay Integrated Care, and Suzanne Blanch from Bundaberg Base Hospital, are our delegates on the committee. We are very keen to have an Allied Health Clinical Assistant on the committee to represent those members. If you are interested please email me an expression of interest.

We have a few agenda items such as workloads but you may have other issues that need to be progressed. Please email me at afb@together.org.au and let me know so I can put them on the agenda.

We have become aware that there is a shortage of motor vehicles available for staff and that some members have to use their own cars to do work in the field with patients. We are concerned people are not getting paid the correct motor vehicle allowance. You can read information about the motor vehicle allowances HERE and more about travel allowances HERE.

You must not use your own vehicle without authorisation even if you are not being paid the allowance. Please ensure you read the directive. If you are owed money because you have not been claiming the correct allowance please contact me.

1800 177 244