Wages Poll – Closes Thursday 29 March

Posted on March 23, 2018

After reviewing the results from the wages survey, Together delegates have put forward a plan for our 2018 wages campaign.

This includes asking for an increase of $50/week each year for three years OR at least 3.5%, whichever is greater.

To see what a $50 a week or 3.5% increase would look like for your pay level please go here.

Only Together members get to vote on what we ask government for as our wages claim for the next three years.

Do you support putting a claim to government for an annual wage increase for Queensland public servants of $50/week, or 3.5%, whichever is greater?

Click here to vote in the poll.

Remember - you must be a Together member to vote in this poll.

Voting closes on Thursday 29 March – have your say now!

Yours in union

Alex Scott

PS. Once we have a position we can take it to government – but there is no guarantee they will say "yes" right away. To actually win a fair wages increase we will need to ensure that everyone is a member of their union and prepared to campaign. Ask your colleagues to join your union here.

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