Wages in Education

Posted on March 25, 2019

It’s time for the department, and the government, to enact pay parity – same job should equal same pay.

We are continuing to push for the department to deliver a wage increase to every public servant and not just a few.

Late last week your Together delegates met in Brisbane to discuss the next steps in our campaign for better wages and working conditions.

Here is the letter we sent to Director-General Tony Cook on Friday afternoon.

As well as our campaign the ACTU has announced that we will be seeking a 6% increase to the minimum wage this year. Of course other lobby groups are opposing this. This case will be run in the Fair Work Commission soon. Following this case there will be the State Wage Case which will impact all of you. Together will be making submissions in this case. You can see an article about wages stagnation and economic concerns here.

In the meantime we are also preparing for arbitration of your wages and conditions more broadly.

Because the Department of Education didn’t put any offers to settle an agreement with you in 2019 we are now in a process called 'arbitration' where the independent umpire – the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission – will make a determination on the issues instead. You can see more about arbitration here.

Because arbitration takes a long time as you can see we are asking for an interim pay rise, along with seeking a pay rise through the State Wage Case. We will continue to use every opportunity to seek improvements for members.

A key part of the discussion last week with delegates was about the fact that public servants, doing the same jobs on the same classifications as you and your colleagues, who work in Queensland Health or the Department of Transport and Main roads are paid more. This is fundamentally unfair and a key part of our campaign this year will be focused on pay parity – #samejobsamepay it’s only fair.

I look forward to working with you on these important processes in 2019.

If you want to find out more about these processes or get more involved contact us at education@together.org.au. We know there will be many opportunities to make our case in 2019!

1800 177 244