Wage rise for Health workers - where is yours?

Posted December 2, 2013 by Vivenne Doogan

It has been over a year since your wage rise was due. It's time the government put common sense and decency on their agenda and gave you an interim pay increase.

On Friday it was announced that Health Practitioners - who were just about to start industrial action -  were awarded an administrative increase of 2.2% while their bargaining negotiations are put off by the government for a year (by legislation).

We know the government clearly can award an interim wage increase - so they should give one to you too.

Sign your Christmas postcard to Campbell Newman and make sure he gets the message. Thousands of you already have - congratulations!

If you have already signed yours, get your co-workers and friends to as well. If you need some more cards email core@together.org.au

Every member was sent a postcard with the latest union news, so tear it off, sign and send it back today – we need all postcards returned to the union office by Wednesday 11 December. 

We need to make some noise and deliver a strong message – and thousands of postcards – to Campbell Newman before Christmas. The Premier needs to play fair and pay fair.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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