Mater Admin: A new wage offer

Posted on April 4, 2017

Your union delegates have received a wage offer from Mater, and they need your feedback.

Last week your union delegates advised you that they were waiting on Mater to outline their positions on wages. At the last meeting, Mater presented the following offer:


1 Sep 2016

1 Sep 2017




Classification Structure changes

Mater has committed that everyone covered by the agreement will be converted to the one pay structure.


Mater Private Administration Employees will see further increases over the life of the agreement to ensure all staff are paid equally.

Your union delegates are set to meet with Mater management again this week. At this meeting Mater will be presenting more information to support their wage offer.

This wage offer is better than what was initially suspected, as it is a move to ensure pay equity between AWC and MPH staff.

Your union delegates need your feedback on the above offer - Can you email or reply to this email to outline your comments/support for this offer before the next meeting on Wednesday?

The more feedback or questions going into the meeting the better chance your delegates have to seek they are addressed.

We will have further information to come after the meeting this week.

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