Vote to Put Patients First

Posted on January 29, 2015

My name is Phil Carswell. I have worked for more than 30  years in the public health sector as a preventative health specialist. In 2012 my job was deemed unnecessary.

Before this LNP government, Queenslanders could access a population health network across the state generating all sorts of initiatives in healthy eating, physical activity, sun safety, sexual health, alcohol and drugs, and mental health. 

Over the last three years, Campbell Newman, Lawrence Springborg and the LNP have completely stripped this area of health. Hundreds of staff were fired, and all 17 population health units were closed down.

No health area has avoided the LNP damage. Doctors, physiotherapists, social workers and public health specialists – all delivering important and expert services to Queenslanders – have been fired or driven out of the system due to unfair contracts or a lack of support.

You can hear my story here.

Whilst it’s important to have good hospitals, unless we do something about the long-term health issues, hospitals will always be full. Short-sighted LNP decisions will have long-term negative consequences. This government has no vision. They have lied. They have ignored the evidence. And now lives are on the line.

I know that all of you - my former colleagues - continue to do incredible work for patients across Queensland. Your ongoing dedication to them knows no bounds.

This Saturday 31 January, you can choose to change the direction of our state’s public health system.

I implore you to put the long-term health of Queenslanders first by putting the LNP last. 

Phil Carswell
Preventative Health Specialist

1800 177 244