Vote no in the Mater Ballot.

Posted on January 22, 2020

The first round of negotiations for the HP EB have concluded. Mater has now put forth its position, which includes certain items that were on our log of claims: eg. a better pay rise, choice of a super fund, retaining ADOs albeit at a lower accumulation etc.

In this email, I am going to ask you to pledge to vote no: here are my reasons why. 

During the course of these negotiations, I have learned a lot. It was the first time I had the privilege of representing you at the bargaining table. Because of this, I have had a chance to talk with many staff very openly about issues that matter to all of us. 

I have also seen how each and every one of us uphold Mater values. We care about the people we work with, we are passionate about the work we do and ensuring the quality of the care we provide to our patients. We treat each other and our patients with respect and dignity. I know that no matter what, our commitment towards all of the above will not waver, regardless of the result of this EB Process. 

Sadly, these Mater values seem to be missing in Mater management's recent offer.

How is it dignified to work next to a person doing the same job and getting paid 18% less?

How is it caring or compassionate if our people, continue to go above and beyond in the work that we do, but have no opportunity to grow their career unless they are ready to take a pay cut?

Where is the quality when department after department becomes a training ground for new grads who might come in and get experience and leave for a company that values their work better? 

In case you have missed it, here is what is at stake in this ballot.

As Health Practitioners we are taking a stand to keep our conditions by taking industrial action. For many of us, this was courageous, and sometimes uncomfortable. We put up posters, talked to people, sent out emails and when management refused to listen, we stopped work. 

Our action is having an impact. However, the essence of the problem remains and now the real test is here. As staff, if we value our conditions and want this to be an equitable workplace where everyone can hold their head high, then we need to stand together to show this by voting "no" in the ballot for the Mater management proposed agreement.

This now comes down to all of us supporting each other. The only way we can tell management that we do not want this to go forward is by voting a solid NO. 

Can you sign the pledge and ask your colleagues to sign the pledge to vote no, so I can remind you when the time comes to return your vote?

Remember, not voting sends a message that we don't care about our conditions at work.There might be a lot of misinformation and confusion as the time for voting approaches. If there are any questions, please contact me or your union delegates or office.

Let us all stick together and let everyone know that we will not tolerate the devaluing of our professions and our ability to ensure our patients receive the exceptional care that we pride ourselves on.

If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your local workplace delegate. You could also email or call 1800 177 244.

1800 177 244