Voice, Treaty, Truth – celebrating NAIDOC week

Posted on July 12, 2019

As NAIDOC Week draws to a close, we wanted to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and celebrate their history, culture and achievements.

For many members, much of your day-to-day work is with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, who remain disproportionally disadvantaged in contemporary Australia. Best practice in Child Safety and Youth Justice aims to ensure that First Peoples have a voice and a place in their children and young peoples' futures.

Family lies within the broader context of society and this NAIDOC week has focused on the theme of Voice, Treaty, Truth - Let’s Work Together for a Better Future. Australia remains one of the few democracies in the world that still does not have a treaty or some other kind of formal acknowledgement with First Nations people.

Your union, Together, facilitates its members' collective power to influence change both industrially and socially. Together encourages Queenslanders to have a voice about their needs and the changes needed to empower them in their workplace and everyday lives.

We hope that you have had opportunities to participate in some NAIDOC activities this week to acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and history in our communities!

Let's work together for a shared future.

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