Virgin Australia Update: Bargaining continues for IOC Enterprise Agreement

Posted on May 12, 2021

Bargaining has resumed for an enterprise agreement to cover employees in the Integrated Operations Centre at Virgin Australia’s head office.

Virgin Australia have provided the ASU and your delegates with a draft agreement as the starting point for ongoing negotiations. While the draft agreement has added some benefits that employees do not currently receive (for example, a Workplace Consultative Committee, delegate leave and meal allowances in certain circumstances), there are significant areas that require further negotiation:

  • Redundancy entitlements: Virgin have proposed that employees covered by the draft agreement receive the minimum redundancy pay entitlement provided under the National Employment Standards. The ASU believe that employees in the Integrated Operations Centre should receive the same entitlement to redundancy pay as other areas of the business to acknowledge the loyal service of our members.
  • Guaranteed breaks between shifts: Protecting members from fatigue is an important issue, particularly in circumstances where our members are working 12-hour shifts. The ASU are seeking to ensure that employees are able to rely on a guaranteed 12-hour break between shifts.
  • Personal leave entitlements: The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the focus on employees not attending work while unwell. In addition, shift work can negatively impact health. Our members deserve a greater entitlement to personal leave than the minimum provided by the National Employment Standards.
  • Higher duties allowance: Members in the Integrated Operations Centre are frequently required to perform higher duties, including acting as manager in their area. The ASU are negotiating to have a fixed allowance or the higher rate of pay (whichever is greater) paid in these circumstances.

Your delegates and the ASU will also be negotiating clauses regarding minimum engagements for part-time employees, increased compassionate leave entitlements, meal allowances and the ability to enter job sharing agreements. We are also considering what workplace policies should be included in the agreement.

If you have other issues with the draft agreement that Virgin Australia have prepared, please speak to your delegates or email me at the next negotiation meeting on Thursday, 3 June 2021. 

We are expecting Virgin to make an offer with respect to remuneration in early to mid-June.  Once this offer is made, the ASU will organise a members meeting to discuss the offer and seek your feedback.

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