Virgin Australia Members EBA Survey

Posted on September 28, 2020

ASU members met earlier this week to hear an update on Virgin Australia enterprise agreement negotiations. We launched a survey after the meeting and need all Virgin team members to tell us how we should respond to management’s claims.

 Fill in the ASU members' EBA survey and tell us what you think

Negotiations for your new enterprise agreement began on Wednesday 15 September. Management advised us of the changes they want to make to your working arrangements. The changes they want to make are significant, and are as follows:

  • a 3 year wage and classification progression freeze;
  • removing the requirement for 35% of Guest Services employees to be full time;
  • reducing the minimum weekly hours of part-time employees from 25 hours to 20 hours a week;
  • ability to roster part-time employees up to 12 hours a day without getting paid overtime; and,
  • removing DILs for part-time employees.

We need to hear from you about how you want the ASU to respond to all of management’s proposals. Fill in the ASU survey now.

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