Virgin Australia Bargaining Update

Posted on January 24, 2018


Your ASU representatives met with management representatives on 24 January 2018. Management advised us that they are abandoning their proposal to cut overtime for part time employees. Part time employees will continue to be eligible for overtime when they work in excess of 8 hours in a day.

Union members standing together works

Union members should be congratulated for their work in securing this win. It is only because of the work of union members taking action over the last few months that management has decided to drop its position. Congratulations to all ASU members who signed a petition completed a survey, went to meetings with management and spoke up, and used a red union water bottle for sending a strong message to management that you will not accept cuts to your conditions.

What about our pay?

Management have still not increased their pay offer, so they are still offering a 2% a year. Union members have told us this is not good enough, and ground staff should not have to accept a pay increase that is less than Virgin is paying to its other staff!

Time to join the ASU

So far, we have been able to have the wins we have been able to have by showing management that the workers were standing together and wouldn’t be played off against each other. If we want a better pay increase, we need as many employees as possible to be in the union, standing together. If you or a colleague are not yet members of the union, now is the time to join. You can join online here:

1800 177 244