Vacancy for union rep on UQ PSCC

Posted on August 2, 2019

Your delegates recently attended the Professional Staff Consultative Committee (also known as a Joint Consultative Committee). These committee meetings are made up of equal representation of management and union representatives.

This committee is important as it gives members and delegates an opportunity to raise and discuss workplace matters that are impacting the working lives of members at UQ. It is also a regular and consistent way to ensure that management at UQ are keeping members up-to-date with information relevant to the issues we all care about like the Property and Facilities restructuring proposal.

There is currently a vacancy for a union representative on this important committee. If you would like to get involved please get in contact and we can give you further information. If you would like to come along and observe one of the meetings prior to making a commitment, we can arrange that for you also.

You can read the report that your delegates Mandy Fisher and Mark Starkey put together from this most recent meeting here.

To get in contact please email  

1800 177 244