Use your vote to protect services and jobs

Posted on June 29, 2016

This federal election you can use your vote to support jobs and services and a fairer community, instead of big tax cuts for multi-national corporations.

Beginning with the 2014 federal budget and continuing for the next 10 years, the federal LNP government have committed to billions of dollars of cuts to our health system and our schools.

  • A re-elected Turnbull government will cut around $12 billion from health. That means from this Friday x-rays and scans will cost more, leaving patients hundreds of dollars out of pocket, and placing further pressure on our public health services. These changes have accurately been described as the abolition of bulk billing by stealth.
  • A re-elected Turnbull government will not fund the final years of the Gonski schools funding package, meaning that schools will be $3 billion short of the funding they need.
  • A re-elected Turnbull government will cut funding for TAFE, at a time when support for public vocational education is desperately needed. The Turnbull government is also still committed to its deregulation agenda for universities, meaning higher student fees, funding cuts, and reduced accessibility.

All of these changes will threaten public services and the jobs and conditions of the Together members who deliver these services.

While the Turnbull Government is attacking our jobs and services it is handing a $50 billion tax cut over to big business and multi-national corporations. 40% of the money from this tax cut will go overseas.

Every vote in Queensland will matter this election. Billions of dollars in future federal health and education funding are at stake. You can use your vote to protect services and jobs in Queensland and oppose a big tax cut for multi-national corporations.

When you vote this election, protect health and education and put the LNP last.

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