Urgent - QSuper Union meeting TUESDAY

Posted on February 12, 2019

On Friday of last week a number of members expressed concerns regarding organisational change within the Test Management Office. As such an urgent letter was sent to QSuper outlining these concerns (you can read the letter sent here). QSuper have advised they are prepared to meet regarding this issue as soon as tomorrow, but in committing to this meeting have also advised of further organisational change that will be occurring (please see email and current & proposed structure here)

I can understand that this is rather late notice and may be upsetting or shocking for some members. It is important that we communicate this with you and start collating your questions and concerns around these two issues. If you are available to meet with Michael Thomas from your union office and Qsuper tomorrow please get in touch urgently. We believe in an open and transparent process and prefer that members are involved in meetings like this so that you can give your views and opinions on the issues at hand also here what is being said.

You can get in touch be emailing privatesector@together.org.au or replying to this email.

1800 177 244