Urgent - new ruling on frontline staff excludes most school support staff

Posted August 30, 2012 by Alex Scott

Despite commitments given by the Director-General recently that all school staff were frontline, as should absolutely be the case,  it appears that there isn't a commitment given under this new Government that can?t be broken.

Under an edict sent out today BSM's, Schools Officers, Science Operations Officers /  Administrative Staff, IT officers, and other school support staffare now deemed non-frontline - and due to the legislation they rushed through last Thursday night they don't even have to consult on the decision about the change in definition.


What does this mean for Together members in schools?

It means that you are now squarely in the fight with thousands of other Together members in fighting against this Government's ideologically driven cuts to services. Your colleagues are already taking the fight to Government.  In the past few weeks we have seen the Government's, and the Premier's, popularity plummet. We have seen targets of 20,000 Public Service Job Cuts reduced by thousands - which was good news, but not good enough.

Together members can and are making a difference. Over the coming weeks we will be making a massive push to put make sure that we have the community onside in our fight to protect jobs and services, and we will be asking for you to help us spread the message and let people know of  the campaign - remember to go to: www.howcanwetrustyou.org.au

We also want to take the message directly to our local MPs. If you would like to be part of a Together members delegation to see your local MP using our political lobbying guide about job cuts and cuts to services please email your name, contact details and state electorate to: pollies@together.org.au.

In the meantime here are some other things that are worth mentioning if you are talking to people about the cuts:

  • Queensland's debt is manageable  - the government's talk of going into a financial abyss is overstated. In fact Queensland has the same credit rating as the United States (which is still seen as a safe place to invest by most people) and one of the fastest growing economies in Australia.
  • The government's line that we have "twenty-thousand more public servants than the state can afford" uses states like Victoria and New South Wales as a benchmarks. Not to belittle the situation for our southern friends but it is much easier to deliver services in Werribee than Weipa, in Griffith than in Gordonvale. We are a highly diverse, highly decentralised state which means that it takes a few more people in a few more places to get the job done. Queenslanders, and especially those outside of the south-east corner shouldn't have to suffer because it costs a bit more to provide services.
  • This week the government started to cut preventative and public health areas. Preventative health is vitally important. If we can stop people getting sick, we can keep them out of hospital and reduce demand on our health system. Preventative health also works - between 2001 and 2007 there was a 20% decline in the number of smokers in Queensland because of preventative health programs. If we don't get preventative health right and as our population continues to age we will see health costs consume almost the entire Queensland budget by about 2030. Cutting these programs now is incredibly short sighted.

Today's message is yet another broken promise by this Government. Make sure you get involved in playing your part to make sure this Government values every job.

If you have any queries email education@together.org.au.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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