Urgent Mater update: Vote NO

Posted on March 25, 2020

This is a message from your delegates.  Please ensure that each of you as members forwards it onto other HP/Allied Health staff in your area.

For any questions or concerns please email privatehealth@together.org.au or call 1800 177 244.

For those that are not yet members: they can join here.

Megan Denny

Dear Colleagues,

It is our sincere hope that you are all keeping safe in the current challenging environment amidst this unprecedented pandemic that we find ourselves in. Take the time to check on each other and support people around you. It might be that the person next to you is actually doing a lot harder than you. There might be people whose partners have lost jobs, businesses or any other source of reliable income. There might be the added stress of changing childcare arrangements or people simply worried about their older folk. 

Communities, governments and countries are lauding the efforts of Health Professionals, who are putting their own lives and the lives of those they love at risk everyday, by simply turning up to work. People are coming out to their balconies, showing solidarity and appreciation for our colleagues around the world. Even fast-food giants like McDonalds have come to recognise your efforts. Bottom line is, we are appreciated. 

While the rest of the economy is undergoing a meltdown, essential services such as hospitals, pharmacies and labs are hiring skilled staff. We feel for the people who are affected by these times and hopefully the end is near. 

Meanwhile, our executive has come to a decision that this is the best time to use the fear and uncertainty in the world, to promote their fiscal policy. Recognise our efforts by asking us to vote on the EA now. In a time where workers need the support of their employers, where stablilising their conditions will be an encouragement to us, the Mater feels that there will be no better time to erode conditions.

Ignoring the fact that this is bad timing- the 'revised offer' still does not address our main concerns. The reasons all HP's came together and voted NO including a two-tiered pay structure, span of hours changes, no commitment on contracting out of services.

The only thing that has changed is the circumstances. A global pandemic that relies on the health care worker to do their part in containing and fighting it; compared to fire-fighters by our own Prime Minister; heroes of the current times- rewarded by a cut to their conditions.

The arrogance is highlighted by the fact that after the last meeting where we failed to achieve any traction on our issues- the union office tried to meet with the CEO to resolve the issues of the HP's. They did not recieve any reply, instead, the Mater has put out the EA for a ballot.

I will ask you to consider all the above before you make up your mind as to how you vote. I will urge you to vote NO. If previously you have voted no, the decision is easy, nothing has changed to sway you. If you have previously voted yes, just think of the timing of this. Let us get an even higher NO vote this time.

Your delegates and colleagues,

Abhi and Luke

1800 177 244