Urgent Mater update: Union win! Ballot is off

Posted on March 31, 2020

Good news! You have successfully forced Mater back to the negotiation table!

Over the past few days your delegates and union office have spent countless hours talking with the Fair Work Commission about Mater's recent conduct in putting a virtually unchanged offer back out to ballot after only one brief meeting.

The Fair Work Commission has ordered Mater to stop the ballot immediately, conduct two more negotiation meetings and to not reissue a ballot for 21 days.

This is a great outcome at this point in time. As members have said time and time again it is not right that Mater are taking advantage of the pandemic to rush through an agreement that cuts the wages and conditions of Allied Health and Health Professionals.

Well done to your delegates Luke and Abhi for having the courage to speak at the Commission hearing and for explaining to the parties that the Mater never gave you any indication that they were intending on balloting workers when they did. 

It's now time to band together again to ensure that your wages and conditions are not cut at a time when you are giving even more than what you usually give in order to fight COVID-19!

If you require more information on this our would like to discuss this further please contact your union organiser Billy on privateSector@together.org.au or by speaking with your delegates.

1800 177 244