Protective Services report back – Members win on action

Posted on October 4, 2019

Yesterday delegates and officials from your union office met with the Service for an urgent bargaining meeting and to clarify the issues put forward by management in their communication yesterday.

A key topic of discussion was the email sent to all Protective Services staff on Thursday morning regarding your Protected Industrial Action.

That email was entirely inappropriate and it is the view of your union that was contrary to your industrial rights as per the legislation. The Service has agreed to retract this email in its entirety and replace it with a new email.

Please be on a lookout for this email from the Service. This is a union win for members' industrial rights.

Your action moving forward

We have had some questions from members regarding the Protected Industrial Actions that began this morning at midnight.

Ban on completing all training

The training ban relates to training that is being undertaken by a member. We are recommending that if you have scheduled training (such as OST training) that you notify your supervisor in advance so that you can be reassigned to different work that day. If members only notify the day of there is a risk that they will be sent home without pay.

Union badges and stickers

We are currently finalising the badges for members to wear so please continue to send your ideas to - these will be distributed to members when finalised.

If you have any other questions regarding your Protected Industrial Actions please don't hesitate to contact your organisers at

1800 177 244