UQ: For new staff tomorrow is a special day for you

Posted February 13, 2012 by Alex Scott

Tomorrow, it's completely natural to have a few questions when you first arrive at an induction in your new job. You're excited, but everything seems so new, and if you have been around a bit longer you might be wanting to find out ways to be more involved in university life.

When you come along to the New Staff Expo there will be a number of people to meet and a lot of information to process. Our union, Together, will keep things simple and talk about what being union is all about - building a better working life.

That's why we thought we'd take the time to introduce ourselves ahead of time by emailing so that you can come say hello tomorrow and we can talk about how you can be Together at UQ. We are a new union that has united as a result of an amalgamation between the QPSU and the ASU. This means a stronger voice for Professional Staff here on campus and across our universities.

You can get ahead of the game by APPLYING online today. www.together.org.au/join

A 3-month fee waiver is available to new employees - come talk to us and we can explain more.

We encourage you to come say hello and for a talk about how we can build a better Queensland starting at UQ. Together members are getting on with the job of assisting students, making research happen, keeping our libraries running and so much more. Being together is about building on this work and acting collectively to build better working lives and a better Universities.

We look forward to meeting you tomorrow and talk about your new position, and how we can build a better University of Queensland.

All the best for your time here at UQ.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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