An update on your TUH agreement

Posted on March 24, 2017

Negotiations for your next Collective Agreement are underway. These are important as the outcome of the negotiations sets your wages and conditions for the next three years. So far negotiations are proceeding well and Management are genuinely considering and responding positively to the issues we have been raising. You can see a copy the list of improvements we are seeking and TUH’s list of desired changes here.

There are two key management claims at the moment that we need your views on; Claim 2, which relates to annual leave, and Claim 6, seeking an expansion of spread of hours.

Annual Leave

TUH’s claim is to change annual leave entitlements for new employees to those set by the National Employment Standards. What this is code for is removing the option for 6 weeks leave for new employees. At the moment, if you nominate that you want to have 6 weeks annual leave, rather than 4 weeks, you effectively purchase those 2 extra weeks of leave. This means that in return for extra leave you receive a lower salary (and superannuation contributions). We believe that the ability to purchase extra leave is important and shouldn’t be removed but, by the same token, there should be more flexibility so as to allow people to purchase one week’s leave, not be limited to two.

As part of this discussion, the suggestion has been made to alter the provision allow people to make application to purchase up to two weeks of leave as part of an annual leave plan. That way people could purchase less than two weeks leave but would be nominating when it was taken. The protection that such applications would not be unreasonably refused would be added.

Spread of Hours

TUH is seeking to extend the spread of hours from 7 am - 8 pm to 6 am - 9 pm. Currently, if you work past 7 pm you are paid an extra shift allowance of $7 for that extra hour. We have suggested to TUH management that any extensions would need to be accompanied by the introduction of a proper shift allowance of 15% for all hours worked on afternoon or evening shifts. TUH have not rejected that proposition but we need your views.    

Have your say

Let us know what you think by emailing Alternatively, some of our Organisers will be visiting TUH next week and you would be able to discuss the negotiations with them.

Make a difference

So far the negotiations are proceeding well but the reality is that the best way to achieve a good outcome is to have a strong union.  Make sure you ask your colleagues to join to make sure we achieve the best agreement we can. They can join online here or talk to one of our organisers next week.

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