Update on your SGS Certified Agreement 2016

Posted on November 28, 2016

Together Union Delegates from SGS met on 22 November 2016 at the Together Union Office in Peel Street, South Brisbane to discuss issues to be addressed over the life of the new State Government Security Certified Agreement 2016. 

Delegates attending the meeting were Iain Bowles, Paul Lessmann, Ian McCulloch, Andrew Nichols and Philip Sander.

Delegates discussed the outcome of their recent meeting with AC Condon on 15 November. The following issues were addressed which will affect Together members as the transition to the QPS continues:

  • The conversion of 107 temporary appointments to permanent was an excellent outcome but a lot of work remains as at least 70 positions in SGS remain temporary. Together delegates will continue to work with the QPS to convert these positions to permanent as soon as possible.
  • The QPS advised the roll out of IT access to all SGS staff in the workplace is underway. If you still do not have access, let your delegate know so we can follow up with management to ensure everyone receives the communications required to do the job. 
  • The QPS intends to implement a training programme that will require all SGS Officers to meet a minimum standard of physical fitness.  Together will ensure that members’ rights and your jobs are protected. If you have any concerns speak to your delegate or call member support on 1800 177 244.

Other issues discussed by delegates centred around the importance of protecting 12 hour roster arrangements. In bargaining the QPS actively sought to remove the 12 hour shifts. It was only through the efforts of Together members and delegates that the 12 hour rostering system was retained for the life of the agreement. Members must be prepared for a fight to retain them in future.

There was general agreement that the work value of PSO, SPSO and BSC roles should be re-evaluated in light of changes to the responsibilities and expectations of the roles. This issue may become increasingly important over the life of the agreement as changes to roles occur.

As some long term delegates have indicated they would be stepping back from the role, Together members are encouraged to nominate as delegates.  Ideally we would like to recruit at least two more delegates to represent employees in the Central Operations room and mobile patrols. To nominate as a delegate or raise a workplace issue on any of the matters above please email sgss@together.org.au

Together is the union for SGS staff. Not only is our representation an effective voice for SGS staff, the Industrial Relations Act 1999 also does not provide for any other union to extend their coverage into this area.

When speaking to your colleagues don’t forget to remind them that their pay rise and all the benefits of their certified agreement come from the hard work of your union, Together. To protect what you have and make further improvements in future we need a majority of SGS officers to be members. If they are not already members, tell them to join today.

1800 177 244