An update on your QML Pathology Enterprise Agreement 2016

Posted on November 22, 2016

Voting will soon open for the proposed QML Pathology Enterprise Agreement 2016. After an access period to allow all employees to consider the proposal, the ballot will be open from 1 December to 12 December 2016. Remember no one can vote on your behalf. To have your say, Together urges you to vote.

QML is offering the following to try and reach an agreement:

  • An extra 0.4% wage increase effective from 10 October 2016. This will mean that all employees covered by the enterprise agreement will receive a 2.4% wage increase effective from 10 October, 2016.
  • A 2% wage increase or the Fair Work Commission (FWC) annual wage review increase, whichever is the greater on 01 July, 2017.
  • A 2% wage increase or the FWC annual wage review increase, whichever is the greater on 01 July, 2018.
  • No specific union involvement in your Joint Consultative Committee. The clause that was in the draft enterprise agreement that was voted down earlier in the year will remain unchanged.
  • The new agreement will have an expiry date of 30 June, 2019.

In summary this updated offer from QML management means a 6.4% wage increase over 3 years as a minimum, but there is potential for it to be above this if the FWC annual wage review results in award wages being increased above 2%.

There is no certainty in what the FWC annual wage review wage increase will be, but the increases to the award rates of pay in recent years have been as follows:

2016 – 2.4% 
2015 – 2.5% 
2014 – 3.0% 
2013 – 2.6% 
2012 – 2.9%

Together representatives will be on site during the access period to talk to employees about the proposed agreement at the following times:

  • Wesley Stat Lab:  22nd of November from 2pm
  • Gold Coast Sites: Friday the  25th of November
    • Tugun Lab – 10:30am
    • Benowa  Lab -1:30pm
    • Pindara Lab -3pm
  • Buderim Lab: Tuesday the 29th of November –– 1pm
  • Central Lab: 30th of November 2016 (Board Room from 11am)

The meetings above have been supported by QML management and will be a 15 minute paid time meeting for you to attend.

For more information about how the proposed agreement would work, come along to the info sessions with your QML organisers or speak to your local delegates:

  • Kali Ameara
  • Daphne Sohos
  • Tonia Walden

Importantly, Together has extracted a commitment that QML will commence bargaining for the next agreement well before this deal expires in 2019. Before then, we all need to work towards growing union strength in the workplace so we can take action if necessary to ensure a better deal next time.

Speak to your colleagues about how the union has won these improvements for all QML employees and get them to join.

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