Update for TUH members

Posted on July 25, 2017

At your bargaining negotiations’ last week, issues surrounding classification levels went some way to be addressed.  

The remaining sticking point seems to be wages as members have maintained that an increase of 2.5% would be fair. TUH’s pay offer of 2.1% falls short of a fair increase! Management have indicated that there may be some room to move on this. Further negotiations will be held this week.  

Communication is extremely important during the negotiation process; not only so you can keep up to date with what is happening, but so that you can also be involved by having a say and deciding what direction your Union takes next. Ensure that you talk to your colleagues & your union office, check your emails and respond where necessary.

To ensure that you have a strong union in your workplace it is important that you ask your colleagues to join your union for better wages and conditions.  Only union members have a voice at work along with access to support, advice and representation. Remember that your fees are tax deductable and you have access to arrange of other membership benefits. 

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