Update response to the St Vincent's log of claims

Posted on October 4, 2019

St Vincent’s has recently provided their updated response to your log of claims. Click here to read the document which includes your original log of claims and St Vincent’s positions.

St Vincent’s is currently in the process of reviewing the draft agreement (using the existing agreement and agreed clause updates) taking into account the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) & Fair Work Commission decisions.

Please review the responses that St Vincent’s have provided. Talk to your workplace delegates about them and communicate your views and concerns to privatehealth@together.org.au. This way we can start compiling the top issues, including issues not dealt with in the response.

If you are going to shift St Vincent from their current stance on some of the issues that you have rated as very important, then you are going to need a strong union, with a majority of members are coming together to decide on the steps going forward. Talk to your colleagues about the response St Vincent’s have provided to your issues and ask them to join your union.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact by emailing privatehealth@together.org.au or by calling 1800 177 244 and speaking to one of our Industrial Officers.

1800 177 244