Update: Qantas Premium Lounge Check In Issue

Posted on March 22, 2017

Six months ago, your ASU Delegates and Organiser in a meeting with local QF management, identified that there would be a check in counter in the Premium Lounge area. QF management proposed using Level 3 CSA staff to man that counter.

Your ASU Delegates and Organiser referred QF management to our current EBA11. Specifically, we referred them to page 92 and the Level 4 Position Descriptors. There under Typical Duties within Airports at Level 4 include:

Perform check-in and customer service functions for Qantas Club and other loyalty program members; and/or,

We had an undertaking from QF management that the QF Club Lounge staff would man that counter. Staff working in the Lounge are minimum Level 4. We were happy with that result.

In recent weeks, there has been a change where now it is expected that Level 3 CSA staff man that counter and be paid Level 3 rates.

This is a serious breach of our EBA. We are in the middle of an 18 month pay freeze. We accepted that but we did not accept that we would devalue our positions.

If Level 3 CSA do work at that counter then we expect that they should be paid Higher Duties as per Clause 25.1.1 in EBA11. Our EBA11 is very clear and there is no other interpretation.

So we are asking for your support in backing our fight with QF management to be paid correctly for the required work. Our union office has written to QF management to formalise our dispute, but we need to back this dispute up in our workplace.

We ask that you sign our petition so that we can show that our staff agree and willing to fight for our rights, the more signatures we get, the bigger our pressure is at the dispute negotiation table.

Please sign the petition here.

We need to show Qantas Management that we will enforce our EBA – don’t forget to ask your non-union colleagues to join their union and sign their petition.


Pat and your Together delegates at Qantas

PS – At our instruction as members our union office has written to QF management to push this dispute. To see a copy of that letter contact your delegate.

1800 177 244