Update on your CITEC EBA - 19 May

Posted on May 19, 2020

Your EB agreement is what will determine your pay and conditions for at least the next 3 years. Together members have put forward important suggestions for improving things at CITEC.

Your delegates Neville, Paul, Darrel and James, along with representatives from your union office, have been leading the negotiations with the Department to secure the changes needed to improve the working lives of members as well as retain the conditions you have won over past agreements. This process has been a slow one, but good discussions have been had and delegates have represented the interests of members well.

Where are we at?

Together is currently waiting for a formal offer from the Department for your wages and conditions. The key items that members are seeking are:

  • Adoption of clauses offered to the Core agreement that apply to CITEC (for example – improvements to job security, mental health first aid, consultation and other matters)
  • A four year agreement
  • No loss of pay or conditions if going to a 36.25 hour week
  • A Fair wage increase backdated to the start of your agreement

You will likely have seen the Premier’s announcement in the media regarding the wages of public servants. Your union is meeting with government regularly and we are hoping to have a clearer position on what this announcement means for the CITEC EBA soon.

Member Teams Meeting

This Wednesday (20 May) at 12 noon we will be holding a member meeting via Microsoft Teams to discuss the EBA and answer any questions you might have. You can access the Teams meeting here

Working from the Office vs Working from Home

We are seeking whole of government/ whole of sector guidance about any proposed moves back to working from office environments as opposed to having a large number of staff working from home. The rules in relation to “social distancing” mean that there will be significant limits on the use of lifts, the use of meeting rooms and that some pods or desk spaces will not meet the requirements for ‘social distance’. Housing and Public Works will play a role in this through the Government Accommodation Office, your union is regularly meeting with Department regarding issues related to the COVID-19 Pandemic and we will continue to raise these matters.

There will also need to be increased and ongoing flexibility for workers who may have symptoms like a sneeze or occasional cough who should therefore not be working from the workplace but may well be fit enough to work from home.

If your team or work area is proposing plans to return to more office-based work please let us know. Where there are more than one tenant in a government building there will also need to be negotiations among tenancies regarding total numbers in the building at any one time.

We also want to make sure that workers have access to the materials and set up you need both in the office and in the home office if you are required to work across an A/B team or other arrangement.

Keep in touch with us at your.union@together.org.au.

Vulnerable Staff

It's really important to remember that while restrictions are scheduled to reduce over the next few months – that at this time vulnerable staff, or those with a vulnerable person in their household, should still be supported to work from home or with all necessary risk mitigation. These workers do not need new medical advice, the criteria has not changed since last week.

If you need any advice and support remember to get in touch with us on 1800 177 244 or email us at your.union@together.org.au. We're here for you!

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