Update on your agreement at Anglicare

Posted on November 28, 2019

Your Union delegates recently reached an in-principle agreement for the ASQ Allied Health staff. This means that it is now your turn to vote on whether you approve the agreement or not.

Key Points

  • Wage increases of 2.3% per year for a 3 year agreement
  • Increased travel allowance to 80c per kilometre from 78c per kilometre
  • Two days (15.2 hours) entitlement to Professional Development Leave (which may be accessed on weekends and outside work hours)
  • Entitlement of 7.6 hours paid domestic and family violence leave if the employee has already exhausted all their paid leave – additional paid time may be granted by the Group Manager if approved
  • A classification review of the MTC role and review of Level 3 roles
  • Employee choice of superannuation fund
  • Ability to request flexible working arrangements such as work from home in limited circumstances, compressed working hours, hot desking at other services, job sharing and transition to retirement etc.
  • The employer to consult with employees about significant organisational change and consider their feedback prior to making a final decision
  • Ability for allied health employees to request a change to their schedule if travel to first and from last client is unreasonable, subject to client needs
  • Ability for employees to raise concerns about the use of an organisation vehicle to their Service Manager and escalate these concerns if not resolved
  • When a Level 3 position becomes vacant, the Service Manager to consult with the MTC and any Level 3 allied health professionals in the service – with the final decision communicated to employees of the service if the role is ceased
  • Appointment to a Level 3 position requires evidence of clinical specialisation relevant to ASQ’s strategic plan or at least 5 years post graduate and clinical experience in a broad range of areas
  • Ability for allied health practitioners to apply for reclassification of their role if they believe they should be classified at a higher level
  • The employer must provide reasons to an employee if they deny their application for annual leave at half pay.
  • Updating the agreement to ensure provisions are better or at least equivalent to the Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010 - including improved processes for recording of overtime and time off in lieu, updating allowance rates, the ability for long term casual employees to request conversion to permanent and clear requirements of the employer and employee when the employee has excess annual leave
  • E-learning or online training, with the ability to ask your manager if further training is required
  • Where an employee is on WorkCover and takes annual leave awaiting their claim, the employer will not pay annual leave loading until the outcome of the WorkCover claim is known – to prevent the employee having to pay back an annual leave overpayment if the WorkCover claim is approved.

Next steps

You should review the draft agreement which will also be made available to you by Anglicare SQ. You will then be asked to vote on whether you accept or reject the proposed agreement through an electronic ballot to be run by GoVote.

Important information:

There are a number of things to consider before making your decision. We believe in ensuring you understand the pros and cons of your decision so that you can have a chat with your colleagues and make an informed decision together.

If the majority of employees vote 'yes' in favour of the proposed agreement; your agreement will be lodged for certification by the Fair Work Commission. Once the agreement is certified, you will then be back paid for wage increases and any relevant allowances and your agreement will remain in place for a period of 3 years.

If the majority of employees vote ‘no’ to the proposed agreement you are going to have to be prepared to take action. Although having the majority of staff vote ‘no’ would send a clear message, the reality is it may not bring Anglicare back to the negotiation table. They may in fact take everything back off the table and start again or they may even decide not to bother with negotiations at all and leave everyone on the existing expired agreement. This is why action is so important. It will take the majority of staff voting no, communicating effectively with one another and being prepared to take part in activities to get Anglicare back to the table.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing agedcare@together.org.au or by calling 1800 177 244.

Ensure that your union continues to grow at Anglicare by encouraging your colleagues to join your union, so they too have access to representation, advice and support. Remember that your union fees are tax deductible and that you have access to great member savings and benefits.

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