Update for CV members

Posted on October 15, 2019

We have received this response from the Attorney-General's office regarding the process of amending the Award to include CVs – while it acknowledges that work is being done to progress the issues there are no specific timeframes for when this will occur.

As discussed in previous emails and teleconferences, we have provided our in-principle agreement to the Award amendment proposal from OPG. We have been in contact with the relevant officer who assures us that OPG are working through the process as a priority.

However, we recognise that this process is, and has been, a lengthy one. As an interim measure, we are proposing that we seek that OPG administratively translate CVs on to the AO4 classification. We believe this is a fairly straight-forward aspect of the Award amendment process that is agreed to by both parties.

It would result in the following (though we would also need to have discussions about the increment levels and how experience is translated to the relevant level):


Hourly rate (as at 1/9/2018)

Hourly rate + 23% casual loading













Current hourly rates sourced from first column of this fortnightly comparison. All monetary figures calculated to 2 decimal places.

(Please note – the State Wage Case for 2019 should be announced soon, and we would hope that this will see an increase to this rate as well. We will keep you informed once the SWC is announced.)

If you have any concerns with this proposal, please let us know as soon as possible – otherwise we will progress this as a matter of priority.

Also, thank you also to the CVs who indicated they would be interested in being part of a meeting about reviewing macro-claiming. I have contacted OPG about setting up a meeting and will let you know once that meeting is set.

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