Union wins in Youth Justice

Posted on July 14, 2017

When Together members lobby for changes, we win. Great campaign work from members have won 100% WorkCover payments, and fixes to the ongoing underpayment of some Youth Workers in Youth Justice - two important improvements to your conditions.

The previous WorkCover payment system reduced your wages during recovery. It paid you progressively less until the 6 months of WorkCover had been complete. But you shouldn’t be financially penalised for getting injured doing your job, especially if your work has a high risk of injury. Union members escalated this issue and the Director General agreed that you should receive a ‘top up’ payment by the employer to give you 100% WorkCover while you recover from a workplace injury. Congratulation to members for securing this improvement! These changes came into effect from 1st July.

Youth Justice members have also won an important battle of equal pay for equal work, fixing the long running pay equity issues for Youth Workers in Youth Justice Service Centres. For years, youth workers in the same service centre have been working for the same money as the person next to them, but some have incorrectly had to work for 38 hours per week instead of the correct 36.25 hours per week. This is now being fixed after pressure from members, including signing petitions, attending meetings and escalating issues to the Director General and DJAG. DJAG has committed that a letter will go to all youth justice workers advising you are 36.25 hour workers. 

This is the right decision and is another example of the success of workers standing up together to fix your concerns at work.

If you are one of those 38 hour Youth Workers (or a casual Youth Worker on the lower pay rate), please let us know, so we can make sure DJAG fixes your hours and pay.

Both issues have come about because of the persistence of union members working together.  

Let your colleagues know about these 100% WorkCover and the fixing of Youth Worker pay and ask them to join their union. With major shift of 17 year olds coming into the Youth Justice system this year, it is more important than ever that Youth Justice workers work together as a strong union group. 

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