Union win: "Leave freeze" at QML

Posted on April 28, 2020

Following QML's withdrawal of its unlawful request for a "Accrual Freeze" on your leave, National  management called an urgent teleconference this morning to report on the financial stresses and reduction in revenue that the SDS/Healius group is facing. SDS/Healius has proposed the following measures to cut costs without stand downs and redundancies and is seeking your input as part of your union.

Your feedback for the following proposals is required:

  1. Annual leave –QML will be strongly encouraging the employees’ to reduce their annual leave balance to 2 weeks, with 72 hours’ notice.
  2. Overtime ban – there will be a formal ban on employees working in excess of their contracted hours.
  3. Roster changes for casuals – Roster changes for any casual employees with less than 12 months’ service.
  4. Job Security Agreement - Support the roll out of ‘Job Security Agreements.’ Under these agreements, where the necessary cost savings are achieved, the Company will:
    1. impose a moratorium on the employee’s position being made redundant for the duration of the Job Security Agreement; and
    2. impose a moratorium on being stood down without pay, for the entire duration of the Job Security Agreement. 
    3. This would include staff taking a temporary cut in ordinary hours of 10-20%

To ensure minimal job losses we must all work together at this time to ensure QML stays afloat during this time and continues into the future. QML has stated that their principal interest is in working with the Unions to devise a mutually acceptable approach for improving the financial position of the Company, preserving jobs and ensuring that activity can be ramped up and meet the demand once Government restrictions are relaxed.

On Thursday 30 April there will be a consultation forum attended by unions and management where union delegates and members can provide feedback and alternatives to management’s proposals. There will be a union official there but for your views to be really heard 2 or 3 members need to be at the table. 

Will you attend the consultation forum?

To make sure you get the zoom link to attend let us know by emailing privatesector@together.org.au.  If you can’t make it to the meeting provide your feedback to the same address by COB Wednesday 29 April.

1800 177 244