Union Update - Senior Officers

Posted on December 23, 2020

As Senior Officers (and SES) across the Queensland public sector you contribute an enormous amount to the sector, and to our community.

Thank you for everything you have done to lead and support employees and our community in 2020.

In 2021 we have an opportunity to pursue some real change to improve the employment arrangements for senior officers – that is, if we can harness the agenda for legislative reform. To do this we need to be organised around what it is that you are asking for as a group of Senior Officers. 

As the government progresses the public sector reform agenda, much of which has been driven by union members like you, there is an opportunity to seek amendments and improvements to the legislation governing the employment of senior staff.

The Bridgman Review contained recommendations in relation to public sector employment. Together forms part of the "Joint Advisory Committee" with government and we have a voice in how "Phase 2" will work in 2021. I know that many of you have provided insightful and important feedback about the way that things could improve for Senior Officers.

As your union office we have continued to pursue the tricky issue of a long-overdue and awaited pay increase committed to be paid from 1 September 2019.

In the last week we have sent another letter to the Premier seeking progress on this issue. You can see our letter here.

We have also progressed an industrial option available within Queensland Health, and have sought to vary the Hospital and Health Service General Employees (Queensland Health) Award - State 2015 in order to see improved pay rates for Senior Officers. This is due for a mention on 1 February with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. You can see the notice of listing here.

We would like to convene a union meeting of Senior Officers in January 2021 to discuss these matters. The contact officer at Together for SO matters is Assistant Secretary Kate Flanders – you can reach Kate at kate.flanders@together.org.au.

We wish you a very safe and happy festive season, hopefully you will be able to enjoy some time off.

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