Union news special edition: COVID-19 and your rights

Posted on April 20, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has highlighted the importance of rights at work for all Australians.

During these extraordinary times it has never been more important for workers to have their rights protected. We are here for you! Please contact the union office if you have any questions about your rights and entitlements. We have a COVID-19 pandemic resources page available here.

Working from home in 2020

Members of Together are working from home in unprecedented numbers and we want to make sure we are there for members throughout this. We are speaking up and advocating about the issues members face, with members fighting for their rights in the public and private sector, but we want to do more.

To enable the union office to assist and support members we are conducting a survey on working from home to get information on how members are working, what issues you face and what we can do to support you. The survey takes just a couple of minutes to fill out – let us know what is going on.

Flexibility and your rights in working from home

The Queensland government have released this document about workers' rights and the ability to work from home when also having school-aged children at home.

Part of this guide speaks to the potential for union members to negotiate an amended spread of hours when telecommuting/working from home and for the period of the pandemic. This must be done in consultation with unions and be an agreed document.

Delegates in each public sector agency will be meeting to discuss if this might be something to be undertaken in their agency.

Remember if you need support about telecommuting, spread of hours or working from home issues please get in touch with us - you can call 1800 177 244 or send an email.

New courses for you on ASU Career Launchpad

ASU Career Launchpad has two videos now available on demand and an upcoming new live webinar to help you deal with stress, mental health and anxiety.

The recent session on JobKeeper payments was booked out and will shortly be available on their site as an on-demand video. Check the site for courses like these:

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace: Understanding the Basics 

Thursday 30 April – Day Session

Mental Health awareness is going to be very important over the coming months as we are all making significant changes to our lives and routines. Run by qualified psychologist Olivia Downing, this session will explain the basics of mental health awareness. 

Understanding Stress to Avoid Burnout

Presenter: Claire Campbell

This webinar focuses on understanding and managing stress levels within the workplace setting to avoid burnout.  Our presenter Claire will take you through an examination of what stress is, how to identify stress triggers and some self-care techniques you can apply to your own working life.

Work life Balance, Resilience, Stress Management and Self-Care

Presenter: Jenny Carmuciano

Let Jenny introduce you to what overall wellbeing and resilience at work looks like, how to recognise stress in ourselves and others, how to build resilience at work as well as some tips and techniques to achieve work life balance.

Catch up on these webinars whenever and wherever you want. All courses are completely free, delivered by subject matter experts and exclusive for ASU members.

Head to the ASU member portal to find out more and register for these and other courses.

Labour Day Monday 4 May

Monday 4 May is Labour Day. Unfortunately as we protect workers' health we won't be able to hold our customary celebrations but union members will still be able to celebrate the day! Email yourunion@together.org.au if you do not already have a Together t-shirt to wear so that we can arrange to send one to you.

Light up the dawn on ANZAC Day

This Saturday, 25 April, is ANZAC Day. RSLs across the nation are asking communities to show their ANZAC day spirit by standing on their driveway at 6:00 am to remember those who have served. Find more information on the RSL Queensland website.

A message from AustralianSuper - Remaining calm when faced with investment market volatility

In these times of uncertainty and significant investment market volatility we encourage members to remain calm. The news often dramatises the daily movements of the investment markets and economic conditions. Headlines that highlight short-term market volatility can create anxiety and distract members from focusing on the benefits of maintaining a longer-term investment view that is appropriate for their objectives, situations and needs.

Members who would like to know more about how we are managing their investments or are unsure if they should change their investment option/s are encouraged to review our Investments page. There you will find a range of updates and links to articles about the investment markets, what we are doing to manage members' money during this time, as well as information about the potential implications of switching investments.

We also have a range of help and guidance options. Please visit our Contact us page for a range of ways to get in touch.

1800 177 244