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Posted on May 30, 2017

Last week Together organisers have visited 250 schools and spoken to many of you. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and making your union stronger. Welcome to the new members who are receiving a union news for the first time!

Quick Reference Guide – Light Bulbs and Fluoro Tubes

Many of you have been waiting a long time for the update from the Department on what the rules are and how to keep safe when dealing with the lights on site. 

Click here to see the new Quick Reference Guide. This guide has been developed by the Occupational Safety and Wellbeing Unit, Infrastructure Services Branch and your Together delegates. It is being sent out to managers now.

Have a read and know your rights. Stay safe!

IT Officer PDs – Negotiations on now!

Part of the RoSAS program was to look at IT officer PDs. We have had our first meeting and we are working on Technical Officer 2 and Technical Officer 3 PDs along with Operational Officer PDs. You can read the two matrix documents for OO roles here and TO roles here. 

Your delegates Len and Rikki are meeting with the Department again in 2 weeks. Please send in your feedback and questions.

Scientific Operations Officers – Progression

There are some new documents out to describe how SOOs can progress to OO4. You can see them here. If you have any questions or amendments to these documents, get in touch with us.

We are continuing to press for a complete separation of the SOO allocation from administrative staff and continuing to argue for a technical officer position description for SOOs. With such a key focus on STEM, you are more important than ever.

Administrative Officers – new AO3 and AO4 PDs taking shape!

We are having the next meeting of the AO PD working group soon. 

We have just received updated generic PDs for AO3 and AO4 roles that members undertake in schools. You can see the new draft role descriptions here.

Please send any feedback about these PDs to us ASAP.

Remember if you would like to have a look at the new position descriptions or have your job reviewed at your school get in touch.

Business Services Manager PDs

The new BSM PDs are all approved and uploaded. You can see them here. Many thanks to the fabulous delegates who gave hours of feedback about these. 

Attraction and Retention Review for Therapists

Hooray! After years of lobbying, the long-awaited attraction and retention review for DET therapists will be conducted in semester two. We are finalising the Terms of Reference and we’ll be in touch with therapist members then.

Regional Office Workloads

The issue of unreasonable workloads for members in Regional Offices have been raised as a key concern. If you have specific figures from your region, get in touch by emailing schools@together.org.au. We are going to keep campaigning to ensure that all workloads are reasonable and safe.

Agricultural Assistants

Further to recent discussions Together had with the department on the CARAs and your PDs, we have written to Minister Kate Jones on behalf of members to raise these issues directly with her. 

You can see the letter here.   

International Student and Home-Stay Coordinators

If you have not yet received your back pay calculator from payroll, please get in touch with us at schools@together.org.au. It's great to see that the action you took to secure fair pay for your work will soon be rewarded!

Contact us

Have you got a question or concern? Would you like to register for delegate training or be involved in a campaign for better conditions? Contact us at schools@together.org.au or call 1800 177 244.

Your union membership means you never walk alone.

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