Union News – Arbitration this week for Education members

Posted on September 6, 2019

This week we have been putting forward our evidence in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission as part of our arbitration seeking fair wages and conditions for all Together members in the Department of Education.

As a reminder of our claims you can see the determination we are seeking here.

There were hearings with witnesses in the Commission on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We don't have hearings today but have some further submissions due in writing.

Many thanks to Bryan, Jo, Rineke, Julia, Paul, Ros, Nicole, Wendy, Val, Lis, Wendy, Meghan, Jenny, Perry, Andrew, Peter, Di, Megan,Wendy, Deb and Paul who have given their evidence this week as Together delegates. It's not an easy thing to do and they were all spectacular!

The members who gave evidence do jobs just like you across the Department. Each of our union witnesses has been amazing. They have spoken clearly and passionately about the jobs they do and why they believe the claims you have made are important and reasonable to recognise the roles you play. We have more union witnesses appearing in the second week of the arbitration

The Full Bench (that is Vice President O'Connor, Commissioner Knight and Commissioner Thompson) then consider our arguments, all the witness evidence and the government arguments and they will publish a decision. This decision will include the full 'determination' or full agreement that you will be working under for the next 3 years. It is not known how long a decision will take to publish, but it will take months because it is such a big case.


While we await a decision we are also pursuing an increase through the State Wage Case to be heard in October where we are seeking that the National Wage Case outcome of 3% be applied.

We are also pursuing an increase through the "State Wage Case" to be heard in October where we are seeking 3% be applied.

In other news this week school support staff in NSW are going through their annual wage case and have seen a big increase. You can read a story about that here.

We know the waiting is the worst part! However we are also confident that your witnesses have done very well and that the process before the Full Bench will result in an outcome that is considered fair by the Commission.

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