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Posted March 22, 2012 by Alex Scott

In this update: Mater Health Practitioner Agreement Update | Queensland Children's Hospital and HP Governance

Mater Health Practitioner Agreement Update

  • With the finalization of the Queensland Health HP 2 Agreement in November last year, Together Queensland Mater HP delegate members and Union Officers have worked with the Mater Health Services, to formulate an agreement legally binding for lodgement with Fair Work Australia.
  • This is the first time a Mater HP agreement or its predecessors has needed to be lodged with FWA.
  • Your Mater Together Qld HP delegates working for you on the agreement are Andrew Coates, Sagie Pillai and Brendan Lynch.
  • The agreement conditions are not being re-negotiated. Negotiations happened last year with Queensland Health with representation from your union.
  • The Mater HP2 Agreement is almost in final draft form, with its expected completion very soon.
  • Pastoral care workers are a late inclusion.
  • A poll of all HPs at the Mater by management will happen in April with information sessions offered with the release of the drafted agreement for 7 days prior to the poll.
  • If the majority vote is "Yes" the Mater HP2 Agreement is lodged with FWA.
  • Together Delegates expect back-payments to be finally paid to all staff, as soon as Queensland Health provides the funds. Back-payments will be retrospective to 1/09/2010 just as they were for Queensland Health employees.
  • The life of the agreement is to 31st August 2013.

Together Members would not have secured a 3% payrise per year and kept all of their conditions if they had not stood collectively during the negotiations. Congratulations to all that got involved in the process and had a say.


Queensland Children's Hospital and HP Governance

  • At the monthly QCH consultative forum meeting(QCHCF)

    • We have representation by Mater Together HP Delegate Andrew Coates (ext 1206 or

    • Currently tabled is a Children's Health Services HP Structure and Governance Arrangements Business Case for Change.

  • What it proposes is a governance of all HPs by an Executive Director of Health Practitioners/ Allied Health.
  • Mater staff not aligned with Allied Health Professionals currently, will have a professional reporting relationship with the new CHS HP structure. The status quo is not an option. An example of who this affects is our clinical measurement officers.
  • The Project team continues with individual work teams and units/ departments consultation.
  • The idea of an Allied Health Reference Group made up of HP union and management reps from all the different professions has had to be abandoned. It is not deemed possible from the CHS project team to form such a group that can regularly meet. Alternatives are being investigated by the CHS project team. If you are interested in being part of the formation of a Union HP reference group, since management are not setting one up, then email to register your interest.
  • Information sessions for all affected HPs are planned by the project team. Together HP members should attend to have your say on this important change to your future in the QCH/CHS.

Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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