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Posted December 17, 2011 by Alex Scott

In this edition: Queensland Health Corporate Structure | VSPs | HP wage increases and Back pay | HP Reviews

Queensland Health Corporate Structure

You will have received a broadcast message regarding the corporate restructure titled "A new way of delivering healh services in Queensland". This follows on from the announcement by the Premier outlining the government plan to separate Health into two separate entities. Representatives from the combined health unions attended a meeting with Shane Solomon, leader of KPMG's national health practice, who has been engaged to conduct the review. We discussed the possible scope of the review and will continue to have ongoing discussions with Mr Solomon over January as he conducts a mapping exercise and develops proposals. We will focus on maintaining employment conditions and entitlements and will provide more information as it becomes available and if you have any queries or comments please email



Many of you would be aware that several areas of Health that are being offered separations under the voluntary separation program (VSPs). 

The bottom line for Together members is to ensure that there will be no increase to workloads, that consultation and change management provisions are abided by at a local level and that all areas are still able to offer the same services to the public.

At all of the relevant consultative forums, it was made clear that business cases and employee impact statements will need to be tabled at the consultative forum for all those positions where the incumbent is accepting a VSP. 

Together delegates have been attending several emergency meetings to view and discuss this information and to feedback in the areas affected.  It is vital that you read all information coming out of these meeting and feedback if you do not agree with what is contained in these business cases and employee impact statements to your local delegate or to


HP wage increases and Back pay

Together members have been quick to notice that there are inconsistencies in the back pay paid to Health Practitioners on Wednesday December 14.  All HPs should these amounts and if you believe that the amount of back pay you have received is incorrect, you should email immediately and report the discrepancy.  A retrospective payment was made last night and Corporate office has given assurances that the majority of these issues will be fixed by as quickly as possible. 

You can request a further break down of your back pay in writing.

The pay schedules are contained in the back of the Health Practitioners agreement here


HP Reviews

Tn April this year a number of Together members have expressed an interest in pursuing a review of their Appeals in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.  If you are interested in pursuing a Review, you will need to fill out a Review submission kit, available here. Kits can be emailed to or sent via post to Heather Hayes Po Box 3272 South Brisbane BC 4101. All kits need to be received by January 6, 2012 and submissions will not be accepted after this date.


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