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Posted April 5, 2012 by Alex Scott

In this edition: Government Freeze on recruitment | EB8 subcommittee nominations | Change management | Health Practitioner non assessed positions | Democracy matters - nominations for union elections open | Together members are taking a moment to update their contact details

Government Freeze on recruitment

Some of you may be aware that the new government has announced a freeze on recruitment: we have received the following advice from Rebecca Wells A/Deputy Executive Director Workplace Relations Unit Human Resource Services Queensland Health that she had met with the Deputy Director General HRS this morning and could clearly advise that any freeze on recruitment that may occur will not breach any EA requirements -i.e. any freeze will be subject to the requirements of our industrial instruments.

As both the EB clauses have a clear vacancy management clause The Clause is called replacement of existing staff and states the following:

  • Base Grade Staff - that the process should commence within 3 days of retirement or resignation (whichever is sooner) and take no longer than one month
  • Other than Base Grade Staff - that the process should commence within 14 days of retirement or resignation (whichever is sooner) and should take no longer than three months.

The only exception to this is legitimate reasons to extend these arrangements such as seasonal issues such as Christmas. However is there is a proposal to extend the time limits this needs to be tabled at the Local consultative forum and agreed by both Union and Management representatives.

If management are refusing to replace vacancies in your area please email


EB8 subcommittee nominations

At Health Delegates Council on March 27, 2012 delegates agreed that an email be sent to all members in EB8 to seek nominations for Subcommittees that need to be set up as part of the new EB8 agreement. These sub committees will report to the Enterprise Bargaining Implementation Group.

It was agreed that it is important to have continuity for the meetings and that there would be a minimum of six representatives for each committee.

There should be the ability to have teleconference and video conferencing facilities available.

The following committees need to be set up

  • Workload management subcommittee.
  • Administration Training subcommittee.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health workers need a committee to review the classification
  • Allied Health assistants project to be finalised and a committee needs to review the classification
  • CaSS Assistants review of classifications
  • Dental Assistants review of classifications
  • Dental Officers review of classifications

It is vital that the members who nominate need to have the following as we have to hit the ground running in these meetings as there are many items that need to be implemented as part of this agreement.

This will mean that the nomination for the permanent delegates need to come from members who have experience within the areas they are nominating for, namely:

  • An intimate knowledge and background in the area of nomination
  • Members who have qualifications in the area of nomination
  • Members who have taken part in the development of industrial conditions surrounding the area of nomination
  • Members who have taken part in the Role Description Development processes
  • Members who have taken part in the projects within the area of nomination

Nominations need to be in by COB April 13, 2012. Please do not nominate if you are unable to attend meetings that may be held on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Members can nominate for the above sub committees by sending an email to Together Lead Health organiser Heather Hayes, and giving your name and what committee you are nominating for and your credentials to nominate for the committee.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact


Change management

There has been a lot of change management occurring within health over the past months and this will be set to continue.

What should you do if there is a major change in your workplace:

  • Management must submit a business case to the local consultative forum or District consultative forum before any change can take place. This business case must state who is affected, how they are affected, when the affect takes place and how long. This business case must also state what the benefit of the change is.
  • An employee impact statement also needs to be submitted to these forums.
  • These consultative committees are made up of both Together representatives and management and if the business case is disputed the matter is raised to a higher forum such as the EB8 implementation group or the HP consultative group which both have Together representatives.
  • There are requirements under both the EB 7 and the HP agreements to consult with union members this means that you have a say in what takes place not just told what the change will be.
  • Know your rights as a union member you can ask your delegate or call Member Support during business hours on 1800 177 244 if you are not sure.


Health Practitioner non assessed positions

Are you in a position that has not been assessed either under Phase 2 of the Health Practitioner agreement or the Health Practitioner Oversight Committee? If so if you could email and give your position, the position ID number, when you came into the position, and why you believe that the position has not been assessed by April 20, 2012.


Democracy matters - nominations for union elections open

Nominations are now open for our union's Council and Executive.

Our union has a strong and proud history of continually striving to build a stronger union which improves our members' lives.

One of the keys to the success of our union has been its ongoing commitment to the democratic principle that all union decisions are made by the members affected by those decisions.

To make our union stronger, it's important that all members have a voice, so please have a look at the material from the Electoral Commission of Queensland.


Together members are taking a moment to update their contact details

Why? Because this is vital given that many of our members are regularly shifting work locations. Additionally, many of our members have relocated following Health change management processes and we may need to contact you with critical messages in the coming weeks.

It is really simple if you have not updated your information in the last six months please update your contact details here



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