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Posted March 17, 2012 by Alex Scott

In this update:  EB8 employer ballot | Non Replacement of Staff | HP Centralized Evaluation Unit and Phase three evaluation process | HP Reviews


EB8 employer ballot

Congratulations to all those who supported the EB8 Stronger Together campaign for a new collective agreement. This agreement has won wage increases and has beaten the employer's attempt to remove existing conditions. The agreement has been voted up with just over 91% support and will be certified in the near future. Employees will receive back pay to from the date of certification to 1 September 2011.

To be entitled to the back pay and wage increases you need to be an employee of Queensland Health as at the date of certification in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. This process is not yet completed so if you know of fellow members who are planning on retiring you may want to advise them to delay until the agreement is certified.

You can access the document and the pay schedules by using the following link

If you have any questions about the conduct of the employer ballot you can email Queensland Health management on


Non Replacement of Staff

Non replacement of staff when the position becomes vacant needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency. Members should be requesting a vacancy report for their areas at the Consultative forums (this should be a standing agenda item at these forum) and from directly from their manager.

If management will not give you a vacancy report for any reason then please contact

If you know of vacancies in your area, action needs to be taken quickly as both the EB7 and the HP agreements are very clear on this issue. The Clause is called replacement of existing staff and if this is happening in your area please email

  • Base Grade Staff - that the process should commence within 3 days of retirement or resignation (whichever is sooner) and take no longer than one month
  • Other than Base Grade Staff - that the process should commence within 14 days of retirement or resignation (whichever is sooner) and should take no longer than three months.

The only exception to this is legitimate reasons to extend these arrangements such as seasonal issues such as Christmas. However is there is a proposal to extend the time limits this needs to be tabled at the Local consultative forum and agreed by both Union and Management representatives.


HP Centralized Evaluation Unit and Phase three evaluation process

As part of clause 19 of the Health Practitioners Enterprise Bargaining agreement 2 a central evaluation unit would be created to evaluate all new position created and any positions where there has been a substantial change in the role and the work value since 30 May 2008 of an existing position.

Working parties of union delegates and management have been formed to develop a work level evaluation manual with the revised, clearer work level statements.

Currently delegates and management are developing the paper applications for evaluations that members will have to fill out in order to undertake this process.

The Together website will also have detailed information to aid members in the filling out of this application, it is hoped that members will be able to make application by late March early April.

The Centralised Job Evaluation Unit will consider the application, conduct an evaluation using the health practitioner work level evaluation manual and work level statements and make a recommendation of the appropriate classification level for that position and then will report the recommended classification level for health practitioner positions to the individual employee, work unit manager and the District Chief Executive Officer or equivalent.


HP Reviews

I would like to thank all members involved for the patience that you have shown with this very lengthy process.

Queensland Health has been forced to begin reviewing Together Members Phase 2 appeal panel decisions and providing more detailed statements of reason to Members after Together Advocates lodged dispute notifications on behalf of members in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

At the next hearing of the Full Bench on 28 March, it is expected that the Commission will make orders on the evidence that can be presented in arbitration, and how the case will be conducted.

After Queensland Health reviews each appeal panel decision, and the Full Bench makes its decisions, Together advocates will consult with individual members on their likelihood of success should we proceed to arbitration.

This still has the potential to be a lengthy process, but we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. This process is closed for new applications. If you have any questions then please contact


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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