TUH Bargaining Update

Posted on July 28, 2017

Your Together Bargaining representatives met this week on Wednesday 26 July, to discuss the response to management's latest offer.

Your delegates and union are confident that the protections around the performance agreements and the links to the classification structure would be satisfactory if included in the agreement. 

The final sticking point is your pay rise. Your delegates believe that a wage increase of 2.5% per annum is fair and is in line with what many TUH members in the public sector have received. It also recognises that workers are starting to see an increase in wage outcomes across Australia.

Management have been given approval from the TUH Board to offer 2.3% per annumDelegates have asked management to go back and seek approval of 2.5% from the TUH Board. This will take some time, but pending the outcome of the TUH Boards decision, you will have a fortnight to decide whether the final offer is satisfactory. Delegates will still maintain a 1 July 2017 pay date.

Delegates will keep members informed when the decision from TUH Board is made known.

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