Transport Inspector update

Posted on June 4, 2021

This update is for all Transport Inspectors to provide information on matters that directly impact you.


Please see the updated Uniform Policy regarding the wearing of short sleeved shirts.

We sought additional clarification on some of the updated uniform policy, you can see the department's responses here.

TMR have believe that the policy is clear and there should be no further confusion. With this in mind, it is really important that if you continue to have issues at the local level, please email so we can resolve this as quickly as possible.

Roadside Safety Review

The government is undertaking a review into roadside worker safety. Your Transport Inspector Conference Delegate, Grant Williams, will be the Together representative on the review.

The department have prepared a consultation paper to seek members' views on a range of issues. They are seeking information about the risks faced by roadside workers and the current strategies in place to manage these risks. They are also seeking views on the suitability of existing approaches (including regulation, education activities and traffic management approaches) as well as support for new or amended approaches (including a road rule that requires drivers to slow down and/or move over).

Please send any feedback you have on the consultation paper to by COB 14 June. 

TI Review Update

This meeting has been postponed to next Thursday, 10 June.

Currently, the discussions are focusing on identifying strategies to ensure the rostering principles are understood and implemented as intended.

Safety Matters

Thank you to all the members who have been keeping us in the loop with the Safety Matters program occurring across the state. Members have let us know about the safety trailers, SOPs and, the use of the Ford Rangers in some regions for towing brake trailers. Your safety is a priority and you should always report any incidents or identified risks to workplace health and safety and management. If you have any concerns that aren't being addressed, please let us know and your union office can provide support on this matter. 

As always, if you have any questions regarding any information in this update, please email

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