Tragedy and the closure of the Barrett Adolescent Centre

Posted July 17, 2014 by Remi Muller

Yesterday the Brisbane Times took to the community a tragic story about two previous patients of the government-run Barrett Adolescence Centre who have recently taken their own lives.

The Barrett Adolescence Centre was closed in February this year. The government made the decision to shut down this unique program regardless of the significant concerns members, family and the community raised. The Barrett Adolescence Centre provided a unique and high level of care to patients that no other service can match.

We have spoken with members and former staff who are clearly devastated by this tragic news. We need to put a stop to this government's vicious and heartless attacks on our health system. Cuts to jobs, services and health funding are impacting on all of us. At work, at home and on the people we care most about. Together members and the community are working together in our Stops the Cuts Campaign to call on Federal Senators to stop these cuts. If you have yet to contact your Senator or MP you can find out how here.

We are asking our social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist and Mental Health Admin members as those that work with some of our most vulnerable groups in the community to provide feedback about how the mental health system is working. This feedback can include, details of the impacts noticed due to cuts to staffing levels, funding, and impacts as a result of the closure of the Barrett Adolescence Centre. We would also like members to tell us their story about what it is like to work in the mental health system since the government's cuts to services. 

Please respond via email to or give us a call.

We want to collect this feedback and talk about what we can do to make it better. As part of our Putting Patients First initiative we are trying to demonstrate what a good health policy would be and give politicians a road map on how to get there. If we don’t advocate for the essential services provided and a better system we won’t have a chance of restoring critical services like BAC.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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