Together/ASU Bargaining Update and Survey for Griffith University General Staff Members

Posted on March 14, 2017

There has been some confusion reported to the union office and our delegates over the last fortnight from members about the status of enterprise bargaining following the announcement by the University on the 21 February to provide a 1.5% wage increase payable to Griffith staff effective from 29 April.

This was unexpected from the unions perspective who have been bargaining in good faith with Griffith management since late last year and making what we considered to be positive progress towards reaching a new enterprise agreement for our general staff members.

The pay increase does not limit the Together union's right to seeking additional increases as we have NOT settled bargaining in this round and wage increases continue to be an outstanding matter on our log of claims.

At our meeting this week on Wednesday the 8 March we continued to negotiate around key issues of importance to our members as identified in our earlier survey including:

  1. Maintain the current conditions and entitlements as per the current agreement
  2. Secure a wage increase to acknowledge the increasing cost of living
  3. Introduce improved change management processes that ensure improved consultation around workplace change
  4. Responding to management's claim around simplifying the current conditions and moving a number of entitlements into management policy
  5. Responding to management's claim regarding a move to significantly increase the current span of hours for general staff in certain circumstances
  6. Respond to management's claims to remove the current review committee which deals with misconduct and serious misconduct.

As there are a number of issues we are dealing with. Your bargaining representative team would like your feedback regarding some of these important issues so as we can ensure management are hearing from YOU.

Please find linked a brief confidential survey which will assist in informing your negotiators about the issues that are important to you.  Share this email with your colleagues so they too can have a say and join Together Online.

The next bargaining meeting will be held on Wednesday the 22 March. We shall provide you with further information regarding progress around these issues at that time.

PS - Something else you should be aware of is that Griffith University has taken steps to close down the Nathan Campus Post Office and we need to hear from you as to how this will impact on your working experience?   If you feel strongly about the closure of the Post Office, take action now by signing the Student Unions Online Petition to voice your discontent with this move!

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