Together Union Newsletter – Department of Education

Posted on November 18, 2019

We hope you are having a good start to the week.

Have your say – about safe and respectful school communities

On Friday 29 November the Director-General is hosting a roundtable about creating safe and respectful school communities.

Together will have two representatives at the roundtable. What do you want your representatives to say as part of this discussion?

We have designed a short survey and ask that all union members fill it in – we hope it takes less than 5 minutes. Click here.

Supervising Students – Outside our Role

Recently a large number of members have had queries about incidents where children are left in the care of AO, OO, PO or TO staff. This is outside the role and scope of work for the majority of our members. If you are the only one left at school, along with children who have not yet been collected it's important to raise this with your Principal or line manager. Most schools will have teachers rostered to bus-duty or similar after-school pick up. It's definitely outside the role of school-based public servants to be supervising students.

Who can be a school crossing supervisor?

It's important to have the right training to be a school crossing supervisor. School crossing supervisors are employed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and have a special role in assisting traffic management around our schools. We have had some concerning reports lately that Together members who are administrative officer may be being asked to 'step in' and be the school crossing supervisor, however without a sign or vest. It is not part of your role, so you shouldn't be doing this work. Contact us here if you have any enquiries about this.

Arbitration Update – Last day of Witness Evidence

We have had our last day of witness evidence today in the QIRC in the Department of Education arbitration. The next step is written submissions, which are due next week on 27 November. After that a final day of advocacy in the Commission is scheduled for Monday 2 December. This is when the Full Bench can ask any questions about our written submissions or other issues.

Following this day we have made all our arguments and so will have the department. The process then is that we wait for the decision of the Commission to be published, which we expect to be some time in 2020.

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