Together takes BYDC to the Commission

Posted on January 10, 2017

Last Friday, your union Together took the issue of Youth Detention workers’ pay to the independent umpire, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

After a union meeting onsite at BYDC, members raised concerns that management had decided not to pay Casual Youth Workers each fortnight over the Christmas new year period, and instead they may not be paid until 10 January. 

The Youth Worker Award is clear that you have the right to be paid each fortnight:  clause 12.2(b) employees are to be paid their salary fortnightly.

Failing to properly pay staff is just not good enough.  This is especially the case over the Christmas holiday period which is a very expensive time to be without pay.

Your union took this to the Department and then lodged a dispute notice with the QIRC to resolve the issue. 

On Friday Together and JAG appeared before the Commission, and by that time JAG had sped up the payment of Casuals and made sure payment had been made by the required fortnight. 

Because Union members at BYDC stood up for your rights, you made sure casuals didn’t go without their fortnightly pay.

The Commission agreed that the arrangements had been unsatisfactory and suggested that the Department should ensure for future years that pays can be processed in accordance with the award.

Your union raised concerns that some casuals might incur financial costs due to their pay potentially being delayed (for example, fees due to late payment on mortgage caused by automatic deductions before your fortnightly pay was received). The department agreed to look at any examples of this occurring.  

Members will need to have evidence of this financial disadvantage and raise the issues first with your local HR.  Please make sure you include your union in the email to HR so that we can see the Centre’s response.

For permanent and temporary staff, we’re continuing to raise the issues of staff only receiving pay for projected rosters over this period, which will be corrected in the next fortnightly pay.  Paying projected rosters became completely unworkable at that time because of poor leave planning and high rates of overtime.  This is also of major concern to members in relation to the higher levels of tax that will be paid on lump sum pays for un-rostered shifts.  We’ll continue to raise these issues.

You need a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and union members stand up together to protect that right.  The only way to keep this protected now and in the long-term is if everyone’s part of a strong union.  To help make a stronger union at BYDC you can ask your workmates to join Together online here.

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