Together Schools Update - 5 Feb

Posted on February 5, 2021

We know the first weeks with students back is busy for everyone across the whole Department. Here is a quick update as we end week 2.

ADO agreements – school based staff

ADO or "accrued days off" is extra time you work during the term to then take days off, usually during the school holiday period. How much ADO you accrue and take is up to you. You should discuss this with your Business Manager or Principal and have a written record of the agreement that works best for you and your school.

You have a say about your ADO agreement. You can choose how many hours you accrue and take over the year. Now is the time to discuss with your school whether you want to work or take ADO during the school holiday periods and if you want to work one week during holidays, which week that is.

Your ADO agreement is not something to be simply presented to you to sign off. Here is our ADO fact sheet.

CEC Progression – Recognition of Prior Learning – Happening now!

Community Education Counsellors can now access Recognition of Prior Learning in order to progress up the CEC classification stream. This is a really important process that your wonderful representatives like Aunty Joan McKay, Connie Johnson, Lory Smith, Sigrund Nilsen and many others have made sure is (finally) happening! The Department has released a flyer and you can find more information on OnePortal. It’s really important that CECs are recognised for all the absolutely essential work that you do. If there is anything we can do to support you in this process we are here to help.

Science Technician Translation

Last year Science Technicians moved to the Technical Stream as a result of a hard-fought bargaining campaign. The Department has released a factsheet including OO-to-TO translation tables. Members have raised concerns about annual increments being correctly applied based on existing annual increment dates. You should maintain the increment date you had on the OO stream. That means if you have an increment date at the start of the school year and are able to increment to the next TO pay-point that should occur.

It is important to check your payslips and contact payroll if you think there may be an error. Please get in touch if you have any questions about what the translation means for you.

IT teleconference

School-based IT members have organised a teleconference on Friday 12 February 10:30am - 11am to consider issues that affect IT staff and what union members can do about them. If you’d like to attend RSVP to

New Position Descriptions for AO Staff on the way!

As part of the roll out of the EB Agreement, the Department have been working on new Administrative Officer role descriptions at the AO4 and AO5 level to support schools and recognise the work that many of you are doing. More on that soon.

Wages Update!

A quick reminder that our wages case under the Agreement will start in just a few more weeks. Hearings will be held at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March. We have received the government's evidence last week and we are currently reviewing that. We’ll keep you updated on the case every step of the way.

Well done getting the term off to a wonderful start! Your essential work is so important to making sure every thing at your school runs smoothly. As always, please contact your union office if you have any concerns or issues.

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